No enclosed bivvies to be used on river venues, only open fronted shelters. No bedchairs allowed on the rivers 'with the exception of Sonning river & Mapledurham .'

Adhere to venue rod limits, found on our VENUE PAGES

Anglers are permitted to leave their ‘swim’ for a maximum of 90 minutes in any one single 24 hour period. Any longer and the ‘swim’ must be vacated.

Baited hooks MUST be removed from the water when the angler is not in the swim.

Swims cannot under any circumstances be ‘reserved’ by placing buckets etc. into swims.

Fish retaining ‘sacks’ are not be used on Association venues.

Suitable landing nets, un-hooking mats, line and end tackle are required for your target species. If your tackle etc. is deemed to be inadequate by an Association bailiff you will be reported to the Fisheries Manager and asked to leave and then only return with upgraded tackle. Tackle including rigs and end tackle may be inspected by the Fisheries Manager at any time whilst on Association venues.

Night anglers are reminded they need to vacate a venue booked for a match on the following day by 9pm the night before WATER BOOKING SHEET