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1. All Association matches shall be pegged down.


2. Any requirement for double draws for pegs must be advised when the entry is made and the double draw for pegs shall be made on the day of the match prior to the main draw.  A member fishing with spouse, a child under 14 years of age or related OAP or RDP may fish separated by at least one peg but within the same venue. The senior member to be down-stream.


3. The Match Secretary, or his nominated stewards, shall conduct the draw for pegs.  Further, the Match Secretary or his nominated stewards shall start and end all matches by the sound of a whistle.


4.  Before the starting signal, no competitor may on any account groundbait or loose feed the swim, but will be allowed to wet a line, plumb the depth and set the float, mix and wet groundbait and position rod rests and keepnet.  The use of any kind of feeder to plumb the depth is prohibited.  The cutting of bank weed only is permissible.   Dragging of swims is not permitted, except in lakes or gravel pits without a flow and then only for the first 30 minutes of the match.


5.  Anglers must fish from the bank or, if they stand in the water, they must be in a position to touch the bank with part of the body. During a match the opposite bank of the venue shall not be fished where the Association controls both banks.


6.  Should, in the opinion of the Match Secretary or a member of the match committee, any swim not be fishable he may permit the competitor to redraw.  A competitor must lodge his appeal within one hour of the match’s commencement.


7.  Any competitor leaving his/her swim must remove any bait from the hook which should be properly concealed and all tackle except the keepnet from the water.


8.  All fish in season except salmon, trout and pike to weigh in.  These fish must be returned into the water as quickly as possible.


9.  The weigh-in for all Association matches shall be made at the peg; should any competitor move his fish from that point prior to their being weighed, he/she shall be disqualified.


10. Competitors must use keepnets of not less than 35 centimetres diameter and 2 metres in length (EA Byelaws).

11. Only one rod, single line and hook shall be in use at any one time.


12. The use of live fish, frogs, crayfish and artificial lures as bait is not permitted in matches.


13. The Match Secretary’s decision on all disputes shall be final.  However, the competitor may appeal to the Executive Council on any dispute.  The result of the match shall be withheld until the result of the dispute hearing is made public.

14. Assistance may be given to a competitor on request for the netting of hooked fish only.


15. Definition of a swim.  Commencing one yard upstream of the peg and terminating one yard above the downstream peg.  On still waters and canals the swim shall be deemed to be midway between the competitor’s peg and the pegs on either side.


16. Where an Association match is held on waters other than Association waters the rules governing that water shall take precedence.


17. Any breach of these General Rules and Regulations may result in the competitor being disqualified.

18. On Association matches all anglers drawing stewards tickets at the draw shall carry out their duties by remaining at the waterside until the weigh-in has been completed.  Defaulters will be suspended for the next nine consecutive Association matches.



(a)  Any sweepstake or pools promotion run on the result of any match shall be under the direct control of the Match Committee.

(b)  Entries must be in the hands of the Match Secretary at least one week prior to the match, except for the Annual Championship and the Club Team Championship for which all entries and pools money, both team and individual, must be received two weeks prior.

(c) All competitors fishing Association matches must hold a current Association Annual Permit, even if such a match is not held on Association waters.

(d)  Pools monies will be distributed at the end of matches unless there is a dispute.

(e)  All trophies must be returned by the Annual General Meeting.  Any person in default shall be brought before the Executive Council for an explanation.

(f)  All winners of Association matches shall receive a miniature trophy to hold for all time


Team Matches

In all team matches the winners shall be that team with the highest total of section points.   In the event of a tie the highest aggregate weight shall decide the winner.


Association Team Championship

1.  The competition will be held annually and be open to all affiliated clubs.  Clubs may enter more than one team.

2.  Teams will consist of  named members, including the captain.

The Match Secetary will decide each season as to the number of members in a team. A reserve may be named but cannot fish other than for his team.

3.  The trophies will be awarded at the annual prize-giving.

4.  The venue will be arranged in sections, one member from each team fishing per section at the same peg number throughout.

5.  The team captain will draw his team number before the start of the match.

6.  Other conditions governing this match will be as laid down under General Match Rules.


Annual Championship

1.  This competition is a combined team and individual event.  Clubs may enter not more than three six-man teams.

2.  The team entry fee will be paid out in prizes as follows: 60% to the winners, 40% to the runners-up.

3.  Team members must enter as individuals

4.  Trophies will be awarded to the individual winner, the winning team members and section winners.


Association Match Aggregate Shield

1.  This trophy will be fished in conjunction with the Festival Cup, Preservation Cup, Association Cup, Association Shield, Ron Want Shield, Canal Trophy and Kennet Trophy matches.

2.  The top eight weights only from each club’s entry at each match shall count for this trophy.

3.  The club with the largest aggregate at the conclusion of the programme shall be the winner and hold the trophy for one year.

4.  To become an eligible competitor a member must hold a current Association Annual Permit

5.  The club first nominated shall be deemed that member’s club.  A member will not be allowed to change his nominated club during the season.

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