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Please see a list of the regular questions that we receive. Hopefully, there should be enough here to assist you, if not then please contact. 
Righto, how do I join?


There are 2 ways in which you can join. 

You can join via the website click HERE 

To join via your local tackle dealer see the list click HERE
Where can I find a list of rules?
Remember, signing your permit card is also an admittance of reading and understanding the association's rules, as a reminder they can be found HERE


I want to offer help, who do I contact?

The association is always open to help from our members, look HERE to see if anything appeals.


I have a grievance against a bailiff or other association official, who do I contact?

I’m concerned about the conduct of other members/ been the case, you can contact any of our officers HERE themselves in a correct manner at all times. If you feel that this has not We feel very strongly that our bailiffs and other ambassadors conduct non members who are fishing a venue, what do I do? As a permit holder, you have every right to ask to see
someone elses permit on the production of yours, of course, if you are not comfortable with this then refer to the bailiff hotline number found in the booklet you received with your membership card.


I phoned the bailiff hotline yet no bailiff came, why not?

Firstly, thanks for using the number outlined. All of our committee members, bailiffs, and fishery officers are volunteers, most in full time employment with families and their own leisure time to consider. There are occasions where issues can’t be rectified right away.


I reported an issue and it hasn’t been sorted?

Please refer to the contact addresses HERE or refer to your booklet for the bailiff hotline number.


Can my non-fishing wife/partner/friend sit with me while I fish?


This is allowed as long as the non angler remains non fishing and in the swim which you are occupying, rules of conduct will apply to them and reflect on you if not deemed appropriate.


I have never fished and my child has asked me to take them, can you offer any help?


Certainly, we run a number of taster sessions and junior matches, a list can be found HERE Parents who wish to are welcome to stay and fish if numbers permit.


How can I submit a fish picture?


If you have caught a fish you are proud of or think will be of interest, by all means click HERE


My permit has just been confiscated by a bailiff, I don’t understand why?


A bailiff will only take a permit based on our own rules set out HERE. In the event of your permit being taken, you will receive a receipt and a follow up letter inviting you to a disciplinary hearing for you to put your side of events forward. Failure to comply with a bailiff at the time of confiscation will be taken into consideration at any hearing.


I’ve found evidence of poaching, what do I do?


If you see any instances of river fishing out of season or anglers fishing without a license, your first call should be made to the environment agency hotline. Enough calls about a specific area will lead to officers being dispatched to visit an area. If you have found fixed lines and nets, DO NOT REMOVE THEM, simply, take off any bait, return the line or net and report to the EA immediately followed by a call to the bailiff hotline. This way, offenders can be caught returning to their traps.


A member has his dog on the venue and it’s running amok, why is this allowed?


It’s not allowed, any member allowing their dog to roam while they are fishing is breaking rules, please call the bailiff hotline and offer as much detail as you can.


I think that covers it, can I go fishing now?


Yes, good idea, think I’ll join you.
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