2021-22 Season

Due to the high sales of Night Permits we have stopped sales for the current season. The high sales have led to some overcrowding on our venues which we want to avoid.

For the new season Night Permits will no longer exist and it will be General Permit and 24 Hour Permits. The General Permit (no change in price) will cover the daylight period and the 24 Hour permit will include a General Permit in the price and this will be split into 4 categories.

Bronze Permit - All rivers, canals and Cottage Lane Lakes - £150.00 will not be limited in numbers issued at present.

North Permit - Whistley Mill & Sonning Eye Pit. £250.00 limited to 100

South Permit – Pingewood, Englefield & Farnham Flint £350.00 limited to 150

Platinum Permit – All of the above £500.00 limited to 50

Present members will get the first opportunity to purchase as emails will go out to these members in March inviting them.

If there are permits remaining after this selection then there will be a waiting list created.

RDAA will have the final say in selecting members.